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The following images have been submitted for publication on this site only.  Please respect the copyright of these skillful makers. Other images of current work may also be seen on our Facebook page: PortHackingPottersofNSW  or on Instagram @porthackingpotters

Some exhibiting members are willing to take commission work. To contact an exhibiting member please use the Port Hacking Potters email: pottersgroup@hotmail.com

Artist: Ian Lamb - thrown globe shaped vessel, glaze on glaze, reduction firing

Artist: Ian Lamb - Three Oribe style jugs

Artist: Ian Lamb - Workshop exhibition - Tokaname and Nagano, Japan

Artist: Bob Wood - Wheel thrown - Australian Bird Series plate. Handpainted earthenware.

Artist: Bob Wood - Wheel thrown - Australian Bird Series plate.  Handpainted earthenware.

Artist: Bob Wood - Kookaburra sculpture.  Wheel thrown and handformed. Handpainted. H. 18cm.

Artist: Jitka Kopriva.  Teaset - buff stoneware, temoku and white glazes

Artist: Jitka Kopriva.  Handbuilt vessel, temoku glaze

Artist: Jitka Kopriva.  Bird Sculpture. Paper clay, matt clear glaze

Artist: Jitka Kopriva.  Wheel thrown bowls. White Stoneware, underglazes, clear glaze.

Artist: Therese Haussener.  Teapot, underglaze decoration, oxidised firing.

Artist:  Therese Haussener.  Wheel thrown vessel with additions. Under glaze decoration.
Artist: Therese Haussener.  Slip cast platter. Under glaze decoration.

Artist: Marjorie Schoninger. Handbuilt sculpture.

Artist: Marjorie Schoninger. Handbuilt sculpture.

Artist: Marjorie Schoninger.  Hand built sculpture

Artist: Francene Young. Wheel thrown bowl (small) Keanes 33 clay, Chun glaze fired in reduction. Large wheel thrown dish - Keanes 5 clay, White glaze, fired in reduction.

 Artist: Francene Young.  Wheel thrown bowls - fired in reduction

Artist: Francene Young. Wheel thrown functional ware.  Fired in reduction.

Artist: Helen Blayney - handbuilt figure White Raku clay, underglaze and tissue print decoration.

Artist: Helen Blayney - Female figure, Hand built. TMK clay, underglaze decoration. Fired clear Cone 6 glaze.

Artist: Helen Blayney. "Out of the Ashes" Hand-built, Raku fired and mounted on a piece of Redgum timber from a homestead in Yarrawonga, Victoria.

Artist: Dorothy Dixson.  Handformed Vase (2010)
- coiled and pinched. Porcelainious white stoneware clay, clear glaze.

Artist: Dorothy Dixson.  Wheel thrown bowl. 
Earthenware. Coloured slips over white slip base. Clear glaze

Artist: Rhonda Morris. Tall Vase - Stoneware clay, spriggs and stamps, slips, oxides, dry glaze, cone 6 Electric kiln. Height Approx 54 cms

Artist: Rhonda Morris. Tea light holder.  Cool Ice Porcelain, wheel thrown, Slip decoration, Cone 6 electric Kiln, polished. Saucer, wheel thrown & altered, Feeny's Raku Buff

Artist: Joe Simone.  Wheel-thrown and altered Paperclay.  Decorated with terrasigilata and copper oxide.

Artist: Anna Ryland - hand formed platter with cherry tomatoes.  Stoneware copper oxide glaze.

Artist: Anna Ryland - wheel thrown pourer. Stoneware blue hyacinth glaze.

Artist: Anna Ryland - "Tallow Wood" Hand formed porcelain sprayed stoneware glazes. (2017)

Artist: Gail Sadlier.  Large Bowl - Dry Matt Glazes fired to stoneware.

Artist: Gail Sadlier:  Set of Bowls - underglaze decorations - fired to stoneware

Artist: Gail Sadlier.  Handbuilt Fish - Paperclay - underglaze decoration.

Artist: Conal Condren. Decorative Bottle, rubbed green glaze, with running hare motif in red raku. 15cm high, electric kiln fired stoneware.

Artist: Conal Condren. Round Vase, hand dug and processed clay from Sussex Inlet, oxides, copper red and Guan glazing. 15cm high. Gas reduction stoneware firing.

Artist: Conal Condren. Paddled Bottle, composite clay body, with wood ash and guan glaze. 17cm high. Gas reduction firing stoneware.

Artist: Conal Condren. Lidded jar, stoneware composite clay body, 10% red raku, celadon with black underglaze. 17cm high. Gas reduction firing.

Artist: Janet Selby.    Unique bonsai container, stoneware, mixed clays

Artist: Janet Selby.  Unique bonsai container -  'Selby' Stamp.

Artist: Janet Selby - Original coffee cups, thrown with sculptured handles, stoneware.

Artist: Janet Selby - Matchbox art, Australian scenes, stoneware clay assembled with additions of watercolour and wire.

 Artist: Jean Swinyard - Plate - Wheel thrown

Artist: Jean Swinyard - Bowls - wheel thrown and altered

Artist: Jean Swinyard - Beakers wheel thrown and altered

Artist: Christine Skrobek - Naked Raku wheel thrown spheres

Artist: Christine Skrobek - Naked Raku wheel thrown bottle

Artist: Christine Skrobek - Naked Raku collection