Sunday, May 23, 2010

Potting at Hazelhurst

History of The Port Hacking Potters

The Port Hacking Potters group began in the early sixties with 10 ladies after their pottery teacher, Dorothy Hope, moved to Port Macquarie. They held their first meeting in February 1962 and elected office bearers, drafted a constitution and invited Dorothy Hope to become the Patron of the group. Following is an abstract from the record of that historic meeting:

"The first meeting was held at 34 Caronia Ave, Cronulla, on Tuesday 6 February, 1962 at 1:00pm. Mrs Heather Beresford convened the meeting for the purpose of forming a pottery group. Ladies present were Mrs Earl, Schumack, Witherspoon, Newson, Barriskill, Ovad, Heather (Madeleine), Haywood, Walker (Betty) and Beresford (Heather).

It was suggested that the first duty was to elect a chairman. The officers selected for the ensuing year were President Mrs Walker, Secretary/Treasurer Mrs Bereford, Publicity Officer Mrs Heather. It was suggested that the first duty was to elect a chairman. The officers selected for the ensuing year were President Mrs Walker, Secretary/Treasurer Mrs Beresford, Publicity Officer Mrs Heather. It was resolved that subscriptions would be 10/- (shillings) per annum, paid at the annual Meeting in February and 1/- per meeting irrespective of attendance. It was agreed to alternate places of meeting to enable members to seek new ideas from each other. Meetings would be held each month on the 1st Tuesday with the hours being 1pm to 3pm. It was unanimously agreed that they call themselves “Studio Potters”. It was also agreed that the group should consist of the original foundation members and any Studio and Advanced Technical college students who were interested in the advancement of all branches of pottery.

Mrs Haywood offered to open her property for the benefit of student potters to bring their equipment and work on pots etc every Tuesday from 11am till 3pm. Mrs Heather kindly offered to store and fire pots left at her home. It was decided that the Secretary was to write and ask Mrs Dorothy Hope if she would honour the group by accepting the nomination of Patroness.

The president read a draft of a suggested constitution. This was to be brought up at a future meeting. Future meeting places were arranged, the ladies proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs Beresford and congratulations were offered to the Office Bearers.

The Chairman thanked all for attending and at 1.30pm declared the meeting closed.”

The group still exists today a using the same office bearer structure and a revised constitution. Members pay an annual fee and can become exhibiting members when they present their work to a selection committee.

Between 1962 and 1968, the group began a series of visits to potteries and workshops. In 1968, the group became a division of the Cronulla School of Arts. From that time on meetings have been held in the upstairs rooms on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 7.30pm. The Port Hacking Potters Group is eternally grateful to the Cronulla School of Arts for the use of the premises for meetings, storage of equipment including kilns and pottery wheels that can be hired by members. One of the potters regularly attends meetings of the School of Arts as a Port Hacking Potters Group representative.

The Port Hacking Potters Group has amassed a permanent collection of pots from well known potters such as Peter Travis, Peter Rushforth and Shiga Shigeo to name a few. The group has an extensive collection of fine pottery books and some pottery equipment, all housed in storage areas in the Cronulla School of Arts.

From the inception of the group, the members have endeavoured to hold a competition and exhibition of pottery work encouraging national and international potters to enter. Students and amateur potters also have a place in the competition. Part of the proceeds from this event have always gone to the Handicapped Children’s Centre at Kirrawee. 

In the early 70’s, the Port Hacking Potters Group became affiliated with the Sutherland Shire Arts Council and in 1980 they began holding monthly exhibitions in a Council owned cottage in Belmont Street in Sutherland. In 1991, when the cottage was no longer available the exhibitions were moved to the old Baby Health Centre at Engadine owned by the Council. The exhibitions were held fortnightly and this ceased in 2000 when the cottage was resumed by the Council.

The Port Hacking Potters Group have held regular exhibitions at a variety of venues including school, Sutherland Shire functions, Cronulla Spring Fair and others.

Since 1997 the Port Hacking Potters Group has held various exhibitions at the Sutherland Shire Council’s Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre. These exhibitions have included celebrations for the opening of the Hazelhurst Centre and other special birthday celebrations. From 2002, the Port Hacking Potters Group has held the exhibition and competition every two years at Hazelhurst. Because the potters had no studio of their own, Hazelhurst opened up their pottery studio to the group and allowed members to use the studio every Sunday afternoon for three hours at a nominal cost.

The Port Hacking Potters Group is one of the longest running pottery groups in New South Wales. Sadly in 2009, the Sutherland Shire Arts Council ceased to exist but they did give a grant of $1000 to the Port Hacking Potters Group to be donated to Gymea TAFE students over the next five years for an end of year prize.

In 2010 the Port Hacking Potters Group developed a promotional flyer and a BLOG site to widen the work of the members of the group and they will hold their 46th National Pottery Competition and Exhibition in October at the Hazelhurst Gallery.