Monday, June 20, 2011

Gymea TAFE Term 3 2011 Master Class

Any one who has completed a TAFE Diploma or Adv Dip or equivalent might like to consider the Master Class being run in Term 3 at Gymea.  Those of us who did it first term got a lot out of it.  Contact Cath Fogarty asap before 30th June.  Details follow:


WHEN: Every Thursday from 21 July – 15 September 2011
From 10am – 2.30pm, participants work with the support and guidance of Michael Keighery
From 2.30 – 4pm, participants continue to work independently in the ceramic studio environment.

Minimum participant number 11, maximum number is 14.

COST: $504 (If we have more than 11 participants, the price per person will decrease)
The price includes 5 bags of clay ranging in quality from raku to porcelain, the use of pre-prepared glazes, slips and access to kilns.


For further information or to register your interest, please contact Cath Fogarty, Acting Head Teacher, Ceramics on 9710 5048 or email

Postscript: 30 June 2011 - Unfortunately we didn't get the 11 participants needed to run in Term 3.  Look out for this opportunity in 2012.

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