Friday, August 26, 2011

September Meeting - 7th September 2011

President’s Report for September

Hello everyone. 
Latest news from the School of Arts is that Jimmy Bruce from the Arts theatre is the new President of the School of Arts and Stephen Glover is the Senior Vice President.  This year and next year will be very big years for all those involved in the School of Arts with the building project commencing.

If you are thinking of using the little CESCO kiln please hold off for a little while.  There is a problem with it and John and I are going to investigate.  Ian Lamb gave a very informative demonstration at the last meeting and I have written you a report on his tips and pieces of advice.  Basil took photos so we hope you enjoy. 

This month Anna is going to give a practical demonstration and you can become involved if you wish.

Looking forward to seeing you at the September meeting.  Bring a friend if you would like to, and think about the 50th Anniversary of the group as we will be discussing the results of the survey and forming a committee.  Until then…. Gail
Anna will get you started on making your own Nativity Scene

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