Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips from Roger Graham

This month's newsletter contains a couple of tips from our trip to the Old Toolijooa School Pottery on the Illawarra coast of NSW.

Roger demonstates his slicing board and cutting harp
Here is a copy with thanks to Roger:

Slicing Board
If you do not have a slab roller don’t despair.  You need a sheet of fibro or other suitable board, some thin slats of plastic or wood varying in height from 4mm to 15mm.  Your piece of wood can vary in size from 30cm square up to much larger depending on your needs.
Method - Take your piece of fibro and attach with glue your 4mm strips to the 2  parallel sides of the board.  When using thicker strips you may need to use panel pieces to assist the glue when setting. Use a metal harp or cutting wire to cut your slabs of even thickness.
 Metal Harp.  Take a suitable piece of metal rod about 10/12mm thick that can be bent.  Cut little grooves in each end near the ends of the rod.  Bend the rod into a large U shape, size of your board, in a vice and attach bee-frame wire or other suitable wire into the grooves.

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