Saturday, March 12, 2011

Woodfire Tasmania 2011

Fancy a pottery holiday in Tassie?  Going there soon?
Check out this site for details of the Wood Firing Conference to be held 28 April - 1 May 2011 in Deloraine, Northern Tasmania.

Guest artists and presenters at Woodfire Tasmania 2011 will include:
Jack Troy, USA
Torbjorn Kvasbo, Norway
Shiro Otani,   Japan
Graeme Wilke, Australia
Donna Gillis,    Japan/USA
Steve Williams, Australia
Hillary Kane, Indonesia / USA
Dan Murphy,    USA
Malina Monks, Australia
Alexandra Engelfriet, Netherlands
Kulli Koiv, Estonia

Activities around the Conference start on the 23 April so if you are planning a break down that way do have a look for more details on the site.

There is also more information on the Australian Ceramics Website.

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